Hey there, the goal of this article is to integrate firebase authentication (google sign in) on a flutter website, and on top of that, we want to be able to manage logged in users, so that if a user is logged in into the website he won’t have to sign in every time he uses the url.

Grab a coffe mug and lets start coding…

  • Configure flutter web
  • Create and run flutter web project
  • Packages to use
  • Enable google sign in & cloud firestore
  • Connect flutter project to firebase
  • Get google client id
  • Let’s start coding

Well, on…

Hey guys on this article I am going to show you the step by step process that will enable you to connect your flutter app to a web server!

Configure your web server

Let’s agree that the first step, to connect to a web server is to have a web server :D, well if you have your own server already, thats good, but if you don’t, heres how you can have a free web server!

  1. create a free account on 00webhosting.com

2. configure the webserver

After you created your free account, you will br presented with a scree like this.

Santos Enoque

Flutter developer & ML enthusiast

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